YOU ARE THE HERO is like having a best friend in your pocket (or on your ipod!)

Rob speaks from the heart and delivers the words you need to hear in little nuggets of wisdom.

This couldn't have come at a more perfect time...
Marnee H.

Ever got the feeling something was made for you? For me, this is it.

This recording almost instantaneously got me inspired and empowered;

definitely a great companion to have on one's own personal path.

Well balanced and truthful, this recording really is a gem.

I suggest you give it a try... ! :) Thank you Rob !

Philippe T.

Not only is Rob Kaye's voice powerful yet soothing, but the words he speaks are truly inspiring

and can put me at ease... During a tough day at work I put my headphones on and listened at my desk

and it actually helped me get through the day...Amazing...Highly recommended!
Jamie H.

I first heard Rob on SiriusXM...He's a fine philosopher about everyday living

while being down to earth, passionate and a pointer to the truth...

  He's a good friend to have whispering in your ear as you carry around your ipod!
Michael R.

Between Rob Kaye's calming voice and enlightened words, my soul is soothed! 

Cali A.

It brings the power of Zen back into your home...
Varsha M.

It is so important for all of us to give ourselves permission to enjoy this life!

Rob Kaye has the heart and insight to bring such inspiration...
Christian J.


You make me feel so safe, so strong and so special.

Thank you again and again.
Akemi D.

I bought this for all my sales agents - the combination of Rob's amazing voice
and his positive messages and reminders is spiritual fuel AND money in the bank.
Like reading a daily affirmation book with added "ear candy"!

Barbara P.

YOU ARE THE HERO says it all for all of us because we all need some positive inspiration
and support at various times in our lives.
The words are profound yet simple; reassuring yet empowering; supportive yet freeing.
I highly recommend this to everyone. It can come in very handy anytime
and works to move the moment to a new and better place.
Mary L.